Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ticks on Yer Dicks

The last few days have been kinda busy, so I haven't really found myself with time to blog. Thursday, I went into the city, and it was a shitshow . Pretty much 15 mins after we got to the club, Nick and Chris were fighting. We ended up leaving, things keep escalating, and the next thing I know Nicks going to the police. They didn't do anything, as I'm sure the NYPD has better things to do than mediate a gay couples fight. It's pretty funny in retrospect. Nick was real pissed so he came back to TR with me. Yesterday we went to go check out these nearby cranberry bogs. It was kinda cool, but we ended up with ticks even though we all used bug spray. Also, it isn't cranberry season yet, so the bog part wasn't really red. Anyway, today is ungodly hot. I got a cheapy above ground pool for the backyard, but I won't get it until Tuesday. Sucks. Kent, Nick and I have been just sitting around all day in the AC. I really wanna go see the Strangers. It looks scarry, and actually got good reviews. Well, I'm hot and bored and want to get some lunch, I just kinda felt like updating, even though I'm 99.9% positive that not a single person reads this. If I'm wrong, hit me up. Anyway, stay cool.

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