Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tornado Watch?

What? Tornados in NJ? Apparently so. I'm on tornado watch today. It's pretty cloudy, and a little bit windy, but I have yet to have my roof sucked off.  I feel just a little ripped off.

Something completely unrelated... I saw a disturbing commercial today. At first watch, it blew my mind. I still always think of songs like "Who's got the crack" or "Steak for Chicken" when I hear the Moldy Peaches, not kids on water slides. As if the whole Juno thing wasn't bad enough. Seriously, why is it that all my favorite bands are in commercials? Of Montreal, Justice, Chromeo, The Apples In Stereo, Cat Power and the list goes on. I found this article on the subject. While I do think commercials in some ways increase expose, I myself having downloaded tons of songs after hearing them in Apple ads or other random commercials. What I don't agree with is re - writing the lyrics. I understand that they're trying to make a buck, but as a true fan I can't help but cringe when I hear jingles like "Let's go Outback tonight". In this particular case, I find I don't even enjoy listening to the original song anymore, which used to be a sunny - day favorite. Since this Moldy Peaches tune was already ruined by Juno, I guess I don't have anything to fear. I should just be thankful that the music in commercials in something that I actually like.

Anyway, I'm off to the city tomorrow, but I'm less than excited. It's supposed to be rainy and crappy. I think I might take the bus or make Kent drive. I just don't wanna deal with like the Parkway and Turnpike and traffic and gas and all that bull. I got a bike to simplify, and there's always busses and trains. I want to trade my rabbit in for a hybrid, but it's not financially responsible on my part. If I wait a few years, hybrids will probably be more prevalent, and cheaper! 

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